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No matter how you ultimately decide to handle your traffic citation, the biggest mistake you can make is to not learn about your options first. The truth is that sometimes it’s best to simply admit responsibility and pay your fine, however, in many cases, that is the wrong choice for drivers. Often, a local prosecutor or judge may change or reduce a charge, which can result in a clean driver’s record and hundreds of dollars in savings on auto insurance premiums over time.

The J. Greg Tharp Law Firm P.C. is dedicated to providing the very best legal representation to motorists who receive traffic tickets in the state of Georgia. Attorney Greg Tharp is a former U.S. Army and Marine aviator as well as a combat veteran of Desert Storm with more than 35 years of law practice experience. He has successfully resolved thousands of tickets for both Georgia and out-of-state drivers in the last decade alone. (More about Greg below.)

To understand Our Process, click here or visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page here. If you prefer to upload a photo of your ticket via the easy-to-use form below, please do so and a member of our traffic team will call you shortly. Don’t delay. There are deadlines that apply to tickets for speeding and for other driving violations that can affect your legal options and costs.

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We know that you have questions and we look forward to helping you get answers. We can help you understand how Georgia traffic law applies to your situation, and your options for moving forward.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“Greg Tharp and his staff are very professional. I had a speeding ticket and Beth took care of all the paperwork for me and told me I didn't even have to show up in court.”

— E. Fields

“I highly recommend Greg he is a down to earth guy that listens to your needs and cares about what your going through. His firm is very helpful with your questions and gets back with you very quick.”

— D. Stone.

“Greg Tharp Law is one of the best firms you could go to get your traffic tickets dismissed. Amazing friendly staff and great customer service. He took care of everything for me. I will definitely recommend this firm to anybody who wants to get their tickets dismissed.”

— D. Tristan.

“Very personable and willingness to answer questions. Level of service is great. Greg and the team are to notch.”

— W. Santiago
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Why Hire a Traffic Ticket Attorney?

Every day, clients trust attorney Greg Tharp to reduce – or eliminate – the negative consequences of a speeding ticket or other traffic violation. And while there are many different reasons why they choose to hire an experienced lawyer as opposed to simply paying the fine, the most common are to:

  • Avoid points or negative marks on their driving record
  • Avoid higher car insurance premiums
  • Right a wrong because they believe the ticket was unfairly issued
  • Protect their commercial driving license (CDL)
  • Avoid having to tell their spouse or parent about the ticket
  • Prevent their license from being suspended or revoked
  • Avoid having to appear in court, especially if living out-of-state
  • Keep their names and information off of public records

If any of these reasons resonate with you, or if you’re simply curious about options available for dealing with the ticket, contact our office today at 844-428-4253 or complete the contact form on this website to receive a call from our legal team.

About J. Greg Tharp, Attorney at Law

Attorney Greg Tharp understands speed. In Operation Desert Storm, he flew cobra helicopters on missions designed to protect naval aviators while they swept for mines off the coast of Kuwait. It was during that time in Army that he learned the discipline and ability to thrive under pressure that would serve his clients well over his 35+ years in private law practice. Today, Greg and his team of skilled legal professionals represent both Georgia residents and out-of-state drivers in traffic courts across the Peach State. He is known for being a tenacious advocate for those seeking to protect their driving record, reduce penalties associated with a citation, and save on insurance premiums. For more about Greg’s background and practice philosophy, click here.