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The Georgia Traffic Ticket Representation Process

The process for hiring our law firm to handle your Georgia traffic citation is amazingly simple and straightforward, which is why thousands of drivers have utilized our services over the years.  Below is a brief summary of how things work.

Step 1:  You submit your ticket and contact information to our team using the easiest method for you.  Options include uploading a photo of your ticket via our website contact form, attaching it to an email, or providing the information via a phone call to our experienced and friendly staff.

Step 2:  Our team of experienced traffic ticket professionals reviews the information, often times immediately, but always within 24 hours.

Step 3:  We finalize the terms of your legal representation in writing, including a clear description of attorney’s fees and any limitations on the scope of legal representation.

Step 4:  We develop a strategy for effectively resolving your ticket based on both our vast general experience in traffic law as well as our dealings with the jurisdiction that issued your ticket.

Step 5:  We take action to change or reduce the charge, which typically involves contacting the prosecutor in the jurisdiction where ticket was issued.

Step 6:  If necessary, attorney Greg Tharp attends court on your behalf.

Step 7:  A final decision is made by the court or prosecutor regarding your ticket as well as any associated fines, court costs or other issues that will affect your driving record or costs.

Step 8:  Information about the final outcome is conveyed to you and all of your questions are answered.

Step 9:  You pay any assessed fines or court costs and keep a record of the disposition in your personal file.  Of course, we will also keep all information in your file at our office.

That’s it!  But don’t wait.  Contact our office today at 844-428-4253 so you don’t miss any deadlines to resolve your Georgia speeding ticket.

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